Why do I stop? Why don’t I keep writing and sharing?

I stop because I don’t play.

When I do (a) work that asks for concentration I can easily stall because I’m forcing myself. I’m “disciplining myself” to do something that requires inspiration.

Of course that doesn’t mean that I will only write when I’m inspired, but if there is no feeling, no soul spark, then, what point is there?

No play, no game…

No enjoyment, no engagement, and no soulful result.

 Someone once said:

The big secret to unlimited energy is: Do what you want to and do what you’re excited about. Don’t pursue opportunities that sound draining. If you only focus on what really excites you, you’ll find there aren’t enough hours in the day”,

Wise words

Changing your outlook on a frustrating activity shifts the scales of desire; a well of energy comes out in an unending rush of power to aid you in your current situation.




Permission to explode…Permission to liberate the power…Permission to express your freedom

The Fire (yearning inside) brimming with desire.

Not even the Apocalypse would stop it.

Epic talk… (with) epic game.

Roll with it and never let it end.

“Don’t force it” it says.

“Let it give it to you” just like interactions with TV, books, songs and video games, just like its enjoyment.

You care too much and you get worried. You get worried and you get anxious. You get anxious and you (begin) to stall. You stall and you end up paralyzed. The thought cobra has caught you.


Paralyzed by snake bite

(What could you do?)

You’re Done (bud)

God doesn’t create anymore, and neither do you.

A sad day for the world

No candle anymore. No flame wills to come.

No cheese (is) made.

Enter the rat race.

Lose yourself, again.

Hopefully there is some leftover.

For the hunger will turn into starvation.

And the starvation will turn your sight off.

Welcome to the darkness, your days are done.

                   Image saying there is still hope

          Break through the Dawn (don’t wait until morning).

          When mind-shift is done, your ray will (surely) come.

          (Battle is not over, don’t leave your post)

           Re-think, re-think, and re-think again

Each visit will seem the same

But do not (yet) dismay.

Things will start to sprout again.

Once transmigration of thought to word comes to be

You’ll see no end.

(For harvest will reign)

The secret abode opens to liberate the rain, “to pour the soul” over the page.

(This is what you wanted, ey?)

From ethereal conception to (the) solid projection

  You did it!

             nature-laptop-notebook-grass-large                            Rinse and shine, it’s a new day for you.                           

Welcome to the glory, you have achieved salvation.

You’ve saved your treasure from rust and decay, from the state and land of forgetfulness.

So that it can be shared to the world and the seeds propagated across generations to come.

Your job is done.

The word has saved the world.

You reap the rewards

You enjoy it and begin to do it all again.

Because to you, new words mean: new realms to explore.

Parable Explained

In other words when there is constipation in the soul, when things are close but still cloudy, the act of thinking by writing words liberate the thoughts and you find the results you desire.

The thoughts will flow and all thanks to you making the choice to try to express it in other ways.

When you write it down, like I’m doing right now, more things seem to sprout, more ideas and more feelings, and these give you a rush of enthusiasm and new vitality to keep creating the good stuff.

It’s all in you.

If you think it’s not (yet), then go look where you like, you will notice outside what you want from inside.

It’s a living mirror, what you are constantly thinking about will jump out the page.

It will be more obvious to you (than anyone else) when you look at the world, you will notice it, that which you are searching for.

When you have a faint idea of what you want, of ”what you mean to say”, but it doesn’t come out clearly out of your mouth, then the best approach is to take another avenue.

Try your luck with the art of jotting down that thought as best as you can.

You will find (no doubt about it) that your initial thought mutates with every new word written in front of the last one.

When in doubt, write it down. When close to the idea, but not close enough write it down. When certain, go, write it down. When you are done writing, go, think again and then come back and write it all down.

On and on, round and round, it all comes out.


Signing off

Your friend,

-Creative Dave

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