The Spark of Ideas

Subtitle: Or How To Come Up With Winning Ideas EASILY.

We all face difficult problems we need to solve (on a daily basis)

How do you solve it?

You come up with a solution

And sometimes, that’s the hard part

We need to tap into that area of the brain that searches for answers.

Some say we just have to “sleep on it”, but I don’t think you need to wait till night.

You can daydream, and find out what you need.

Daydreaming is not a waste of time, if you know when to use it.

If you don’t… then:

You’re missing out.

You are not getting the rewards.

Think of it as constructive reflection, instead of spacing out.

Here is how you do it.

Stimulus, stimulus is the name of the game.

Think. Feel…

If you got nothing, it’s because you are not stimulating anything to happen.

Remember… Cause and Effect

Distraction is good; of course you can only get distracted when you are stimulated to do so.

(Whether from outside or yourself)

Pick your poison distraction.

And then…

Follow the rabbit, that crazy thought.

Submerge in that fantasy.

Screw what anyone thinks, screw what you think.

Ignore the fears.

Ignore insecurities.

Be bold and have fun.

Go wild, and you’ll get wild success.

Go timid, and you’ll get mild results…if anything.

Don’t worry if you keep diverging and never finishing a thought.

Don’t worry if you don’t complete an idea.

That’s the point

You are accessing that spark. You are accessing that “creative chaos”.

You are getting into that way of thinking that leads to new breakthroughs, brilliant, uncommon and, even sometimes, obvious solutions.

Have them recorded in some manner (on paper, audio or video) so you can organize and continue them later.

They will serve like checkpoints, like starting points for a line of thought.


Tips to activate the Spark

1. Walk For Thoughts

Moving around does great things for you; it changes your posture, your mood and frees your thoughts.

Big thinkers like Aristotle and Friedrich Nietzsche took long walks in order to generate ideas.

Studies show an 81% increase in tests measuring divergent thinking, for those who “went for a walk”.

In other words, if you are in need of helpful thoughts, getting up and moving around — even in a small space — can give you fresh perspective on a situation.

Whenever I move around the house, I start thinking fast.

Walking in my room, talking to myself, I come up with great stuff.

And, sometimes, when I walk towards my car, new insights jump at me.

2. Move On To Something Else

Are you stuck?

Are you blocked?

Then move away from the block, and pass by it.

Not all solutions come when you concentrate on them. Some come when you step away.

Researchers have found that people’s brains were still working on a problem while they were engaged with a different task.

Burned out?

Step away and come back later.

You’ll find yourself with fresh thoughts on the matter.

3. Save Your Ideas, Save The World

Ever had a sudden vision of what you wanted to do in life?

Have you ever sensed how great it was, how if felt?

It faded away, didn’t it?

It did for me, a few times…

Never again

No more regrets of what it could have been.

Now I record everything.

Not one precious insight lost.

The headaches; the confusion; the desperation; these have faded away.

In time, I will not only think like a free man, and act like one, I will have the LIFE.

A life of freedom

The more I record, the more I put into action, the better it gets.

Relationships, discipline, making money, health, it all gets better.

And you can do it too.

No regrets, never again.

A life of freedom

Insights, what to do with them?

Save them up and prosper.

You’ll learn so much from yourself and others.


Have it always close to you

While you read them long after being recorded, your mind will act like a computer search engine, kind of like Google Search.

Your mind will remember a faint emotion.

It records a hint of what your intentions where at the moment.

Whenever you access this line of thought, a few things can happen:

  • You continue (where you left off).
  • You get inspired (unto something new).

Thomas Edison did not let any ideas escape him.

He would write them in any of his 2 thousands notebooks that he could find. If an insight wasn’t practical at the moment, or was a failure, he was smart about it.

He would save it for later.

Knowing this, whenever he got blocked, he’d go back to his old writing looking for a new approach.

4. Everything Great Came From References

Popular products? Check. Famous Franchises? Check.  Successful businesses? Check.

Jack Welch, CEO at General Electric, changed corporate American when he brought a different mentality to business.

He wanted to ally his business to the threat, the competition.

He knew there were better ideas, in other companies, that he needed.

He welcomed the diversity, when he found a quality program from Motorola, a product development program from HP and an asset management system from Toyota.

People think of Star Wars and see it as something very unique.

What they don’t know is the amount of concepts and ideas it referenced from other people’s work, ranging from Akira Kurosawa’s samurai movies, John Carter of Mars novels, to Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers sci-fi adventures.

Apple took ideas from Xerox, Bill Gates took ideas from Steve Jobs, on and on we find that great inventions are built upon great foundations.

Whatever works for you, has worked for someone else, whether you are aware of it or not, their success or failure has impacted you and your endeavors will impact others.

Make sure you save up and hold onto the things that work well in your life so that others after you can pass it down too.

Technology grows decade by decade, but human behavior remains the same, for better and for worse.

Let’s make it for better.

Let’s remember what works and discard what doesn’t.

Let’s evolve our personal lives and pass it down for a better collective tomorrow.

For all of us…for you and for me.

5. Some Can’t Just Think About It

Some need to get into the action.

Some can’t just sit in a room and think.

They get their insights on the battlefield.

For those of us that are like this, ideas come from real-world stimulation.

Get going…

You’ve gained access to the spark of creativity.

Dive in…

For those who take the plunge, come out with intriguing, new possibilities.

Good Luck My Friend


Studies and articles referenced are found here and here.

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