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How to get ready to take action

You know what?

I’m not ready and I don’t care.

I don’t have to be “ready”, there is no such thing.

I just get my stuff, use it, do it, and when I’m done, I’m done.

We suffer too much getting things “ready”, waiting for the “right moment”. Eventually you’ll come around and accept that imperfection is the way of nature.

Eventually you figure out that if you do enough, then you get enough.

Waiting around for the ideal conditions will keep that dream of yours far, far away.

The less you do, the greater the chance you’ll never get it.

You don’t have to do a lot, not right away anyways. You do something, and with that you get something back.

What is it? Body exercise? It takes an hour for workout and you don’t ever start? Well, then if you at least know what moves to make, then only take a fraction of that time, it will jump-start you into action.

What is it? Need to work on that project? Need to make money somehow? Then take a small bite. Take a few pieces and ease your way into it.

What is it? Can’t develop or maintain a good relationship with family, friends or even in business? Then look around and imitate the people that do have one. Ask them or ask yourself how to get what you don’t have.

Humans are mostly the same, it’s how we think about situations that makes a life successful or a failure, weak or strong, happy or miserable, it’s all in your head.

How to get great things and how to be someone successful

Winners, the way they think is the “key” to having what they have earned, because it helps them get it and helps them be it.

This has nothing to do with right or wrong and everything to do with results.

Winning has to do with cause and effect. What then, do you want? What effect?

It’s not about the “right way” to do it, but the way that works for you.

How do babies and kids learn so much, so fast? They imitate. Well then, do yourself a favor and imitate once again so your climb is better and your arrival is faster.

Instead of waiting, take a little bit of action.

Eventually…no, pretty soon you are going to develop a taste for it.

Soon you are going to want more. Soon you won’t want anything else but that, and you’ll find yourself winning and grinning.

And that’s what you want right?

You want to devour your challenges, your obstacles — your burdens. You want them out of the way to keep winning all the way.

You want to win it; you want to earn it.

In the end you just want to have it.

But, the only way to “have it” is to have a piece, take a bite, do a little; “get something done”. Little by little, believe me, you’ll have a lot.

The fact is that you’ll have enough to get satisfied.




The lazy man suffers hunger, but the laborious man gets what he wants.

So get to it.

Take a bite and another one, and another bit more, and you’ll have it all.

Signing off once again

Your friend

Creative Dave


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