Stop yourself from stalling all the time

How to free yourself from stalling

Subtitle: No Time for Nonsense



Every year people make goals, life changing goals.

Every year people don’t achieve half of those goals.

Every year we dream for more, for better.

Every year we fail to make them real.

What’s going on?

Why don’t we move?

What’s holding you down?

What’s stopping you? Why are you stalling?

It’s the shackles. Everyone has them:

(Commodity and Entertainment)

The truth is that…

You are too accommodated in your misery, to the point you don’t even call it that anymore.

Too comfortable in your nothingness

Too used to not getting what you want.

Too deep in doubt

Too far out in debt

Your thoughts are set, but not your body, which is why it doesn’t move.

Forget it, no one is coming to your aid. No one’s coming for help.

No one will pull cold water over you.

Nothing will shake you.

Nothing, but you

It’s your life. It’s your choice.

The problem is overthinking

Truth is, you don’t need to think much about nothing.

Talking? No thinking needed.

Breathing? No thinking needed.

Moving? No thinking needed.

Doing work? No thinking needed.

Finishing what you started? No thinking needed.

You think you need to think more, but you don’t.

You are already have more than enough.

The problem is you have over analyzed and over emotionalized it, and now you are frozen.

No one’s going to come to unfreeze you, you can do that yourself.

You are a big boy/big girl now, no need to cry for everything anymore.

How do you do it? You admit it (to yourself), that you don’t need to overthink things.

You admit it. Analyzing has paralyzed you and you don’t want to stay stuck.

You admit it. You say what you really want, what it is that you truly desire.

Say it…I want this. I want this.

I wished for it, but now I want it, I need it.

And I’m going to have it. One way or another, at some point, I’m going to have it.

Now, knowing you are going to get it, and start to feel at peace.

You take the next step, you cement that peace.

In other words, you get a few things done.

You do something, anything.

Why? Because something and anything is a reality

And that’s what you want. You want it to be real.

Having it be 1cm real, a fraction of it, a piece of it, is making it now closer than ever.

So go do it.

Get to it.

Signing off once again

Your friend

Creative Dave

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