How to deal with being overwhelmed with work

How can you deal with being overwhelmed when you got a lot of things to do? How do you do it?

Well, here is the trick.

You focus on one thing at the moment, and you limit your time.

(You, probably, will still have a residue of that last sour moment running around in your head.)

You need to focus, but you can’t because your emotions won’t let you. You are just distracted, you are just out of it, you know?

You can’t deal with it. Can’t deal with your work, not in your current situation.

How do you sort out this issue?

Well, you will still have some intrusive thoughts, but there is a way of suppressing them and keeping your focus.

You choose one thing to do and focus all your body, facial expressions and attention on that.

(A serious facial expression helps for some reason, don’t ask me why, it just does)

The position you are in — seated or otherwise — can determine your energy levels.

If you are too hunched, you might feel more tired and with low energy. Sit or stand up straight and you’ll feel a slight but true difference.

Air conditioner or having a fan on your face might be sending signals to your brain to get some sleep (that won’t help)

Putting your hand under your jaw and putting your head over a pillow or anything else sustaining it can also signal the brain that It’s time to sleep (get rid of that).

Stretch your arms upwards and to your sides.

And then…

You time yourself.

You say “ok I have 50 minutes to do this and only 50 minutes”. You’ll find that the energy you require comes to your aid since you are giving purpose and structure to your whole self.

Let’s say you got 3 hours. I’d suggest that you break it down into chunks of 30 to 50 minutes and work towards 3 times 50 minute intervals. It’s easier for your mind to deal with doing 3 times a 50 or 60 minutes exercise than it is to have too much freedom to deal with 3 long hours.

Too much freedom means, there’s more responsibility and less structure, and that is not always a good thing. You don’t want chaos and you don’t want to wander around, so you set a time and a limit on your favor.

If you don’t have a structure, you’ll space out, and we don’t want that.

So, just be aware of your body acting out on that work. Be conscious of your physical movements for a few seconds.

If you are in your head, you lose. Be in your body, be physical.

You only have X amount of time to get this done, and this gives you the gift of pressure.

With this pressure you put out a lot of work in a relatively small amount of time.

Pressure makes diamonds, guys.

Because you have a limited amount of time, you emotions and your attention are there for you. They are there for your service.

Your task won’t let your mind go astray.

The gates will be well kept and guarded in that period of focused work.

It is because you Have to do it and under a set of time, that it works. This limits those uncomfortable emotions and keeps them out of your way.

You are working under pressure, not of the task, but of the time and that makes you engaged on the activity.

You are purified from distractions.

And it works, it works guys, I just tried it and it does pay off, nicely.

I hope you can have a use for it too. That’s all.

Signing off

Your friend

Creative Dave

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  1. Thank you for liking one of my posts. It was fate obviously because I could really use your blog soul of ideas. Stress, chaos, and control are quote a few issues I have with my career so can’t wait to read more! Love this one. Thanks again!

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